Why is PTE easy to crack?

Posted on October 22, 2020 at 04: 28 AM
Why is PTE easy to crack?

By: Eric Shrestha

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PTE can be easy to crack if you follow the right techniques for preparation. As an instructor, what I have found is that one preparation technique does not suit everyone since we are all so different. So, what’s the smartest and efficient way to reach your score level.

Another equally important part of cracking the PTE is the PTE study materials. Some of these are free PTE materials while others are paid. Each will advertise that they will help you attain 79+ out of 90 in PTE. So, the big question is how to decide which is the best material.

Let us forget all of the above for a moment including the blogs on our website and just focus on the goal.   

Just how hard could it be to get a score of 65 (the highest needed for Nursing course and Nursing registration after completing a Nursing degree)? Will it be easy or is it too ambitious?

The big answer to all of these questions is dependent on your ‘Determination and Willingness’. Do you often give up on your first attempt? Not giving up is an important route to success in PTE. Very often, I have found that the students who easily give never achieve their score. They give up on PTE and take IELTS. But, they are unable to score in IELTS as well. On the other hand, students who do not give up and retake the PTE test go on to achieve their score in the second or third attempt. To save you the time and money, we have come up with PTE mock test to help you.  

Now let’s start with what you really need to know to easily crack PTE.

  1. PTE Academic Test Format

If you know the pattern of the PTE test, half the battle is won. You can find the structure on our website or on the official Pearson website.

  1. Question Types, scoring scheme, time limits, and instructions

If you know the question types, you will have a better strategy for answering those questions. If you know the scoring scheme you will know where to sharpen your focus. On the same note, knowing PTE time limits and instructions will help you to focus better on the test.

These skills can be developed by practicing on our PTE Mock Test system.

However, hard work nothing is required in everything unless you have exceptional good luck. Thus, let’s learn about other things we need to focus on to crack PTE.

Get your basics right:

  • Understand how the questions are scored so that you know where to put your focus.
  • When you practice the PTE mock test, pay close attention to the instruction in every question. Does it have a time limit? Does it have negative marking? Knowing these things will make it easier for you to score well. For your convenience, we have put together a PTE preparation with all the materials and strategies.
  • Make each practice question count. We have a huge question bank of the entire PTE questions since the inception of the test. Thus, practicing on our portal will make sure that you practice on the real questions that appear on the test.

Focus on your strengths and improve on your weak skills.

  • Know the areas that you are weak in. Taking a mock test will show you the areas that need more improvement.  
  • Have a clear understanding of questions you are comfortable with and the ones that make you nervous.
  • Remind yourself of how you once tackled a question you found tough and now are a pro at it. Regularly looking back at your achievements and mistakes makes the picture of your current position quite clearer.
  • Continuously challenge yourself.
  • Silly mistakes like spelling errors or missing to listen to certain words or forgetting the instructions make you lose the score.

Be wise with your preparation and the materials you use.

  • Don’t fall for over-promising stuff. Be realistic and try for yourself, the type of materials, or practice methodology that makes you feel comfortable.
  • If need be seek professional advice online or offline. Get your doubts sorted as early as possible.
  • To perfect any skill, you must persevere to put in the effort.
  • Slowly some skills will become your reflex and a habit. Be alert about them.

Each skill is inter-related. Diligence is key.

  • The speaking section of PTE is dependent on your Listening skills. The Reading section is dependent on your Read-Aloud abilities. So it makes sense to develop your skills across a broad spectrum. Some of the skills you might want to hone are grammar, vocabulary, coherence.
  • Knowing your limitations through the evaluation of skills will help to improve your shortcomings.
  • Follow the right tips and strategies provided in our tutorials. Fight the urge to get results in just a few attempts.

Ace time management and remain focused

  • These skills will help you win the battle against PTE.
  • Time management comes with practice. Mindfulness comes with focus. Practice both these with our mock tests.
  • Being mindful and having the right mindset will help you progressively move ahead in your preparation and get your desired score.  

Time for last advice. Practice as much as possible in the real test scenario with PTE mock test because you can never go wrong with “Practice makes perfect”.