What is PTE mock test?

Posted on October 22, 2020 at 03: 38 AM
What is PTE mock test?

By: Eric Shrestha

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The PTE mock test or PTE practice test is a practice (as the name implies) test that you take to assess your preparedness for the real PTE test. Our PTE mock tests are taken online and provides you with fast results on your shortcomings.


How does PTE mock test help?

PTE is a long test – 180 minutes. Within that time, you have to answer 65 – 84 questions. Unlike other tests, time to answer a particular question is very less in PTE. At times, you may not have enough time to read the instruction. As a result, many students find PTE to confusing. The solution is to practice the test as much as possible. When you practice the test at least 3-4 times, it’s very easy to score 65 out of 90.


Scoring in the PTE mock test

The mock tests we provide have been researched and developed since 2016. We are continuously updating the question bank to reflect the changes in the real PTE test. Additionally, we collect the questions to create a question bank which will also appear in the real test. So, the success rate of using our mock test is very high.


PTE Test Structure

The mock tests simulate the real PTE test – so it’s a good time to practice and hone your test-taking skills and strategies.


Additional support for PTE test

We have a full tutorial/ preparation course to go with the mock test. This has been provided for the first time in Nepal. We have an affiliation with an Australian company to make sure the preparation materials and the mock tests are of high quality.